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How we help

Temasi, the technology arm of Smart Inspiration Ltd. is able to help you in a number of ways:

Ensuring that technology meets the needs of the business today, while planning for the needs of tomorrow
Business & industry awareness – With nearly 2 decades of detailed business knowledge, & an extensive range of experience with market leading clients from a variety of industries, including automotive, marketing, retail, & service provision, our business, technical, psychological & industry awareness ensures that no single activity takes place in isolation
Turning ideas into reality, & business models into a lucrative monitised solution
Proof of Concept development – Ensuring that the requirements are translated into a tangible semi-functional ‘mock-up’ to ensure that the requirements are fully understood, are appropriately represented, & are progressed in the right direction with the benefit of flexibility throughout the process. This even extends to creating sample artwork, working pilot solutions in line with associated processes (created or supplied) to enhance the user experience
Provide project/programme assistance (including planning & delivery) at any stage of the project or programme
Ensuring the right tools are used to safely & securely, quickly and intuitively provide a conduit for the right information to be provided in a highly captivating form
•Ensuring that the solution selected and implemented is not driven by technology limitations, but the needs of the audience
Psychology – Using extensive knowledge of how we each think & feel, what motivates us, & how our minds each work, to understand & meet the needs of your audience
Making sure the requirements are real – ensuring that solutions are not being pre-empted by capturing the root requirements, often below conscious level.Documenting & validating the requirements before generating a detailed technically sound solution proposal
Developing a technology solution that meets the end benefits of the organisation
Considering user journeys (use cases) for various client types with varying requirements to understanding all user needs, the user journey, & directing external users through the sales funnel
Finding answers quickly and effectively, even when we don't know the questions. Information regulation and sanitisation. Search and discover. Information is the most valuable commodity we have, but what use is it, if we cannot find it quickly & effectively? As users, we often don’t know what to search for. Intelligent searching uses clever techniques to propose what answers may be more suited than the questions being asked. Understanding how to make information more accessible, improves user experience, & improves site popularity

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For more information on what we do...

meeting_clipartFor more information, including client examples, sample sales pipelines, business roadmaps (with translation into business & technical requirements documentation), & additional client examples, strategies, programme plans etc. available upon request.
Please note that much of the work, in particular larger corporate activites, which we undertake with clients is confidential. In such cases we may not be able to show you specific examples, but through discussions regarding our industry knowledge, technical expertise, and professional approach will give you piece of mind as to how we are certain we can help you.
References are also available prior to contract signing.


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