products and services

Temasi provide a range of technology services, and also produce a range of products, including several custom designed technology solutions.

Products include:

1. Smartcube - a home control and automation system designed to provide a central control mechanism for lights, music, curtains, and numerous electronic devices. The technology solution integrates various normally stand alone components, and seamlessly allows them to work together, and interact to enhance the quality of your life. With a central media server, internet connection, and compatible home automation devices, including alarms, the possibilities of how to use your Smartcube is endless


About Temasi

Temasi is a subsidiary of Smart Inspiration. Whereas Smart Inspiration is a training and consultancy company in the field of personal and business effectiveness, Temasi focuses on ensuring that technology is selected to meet the needs of the business.

Unlike most companies, Temasi focuses on understanding the business, the true requirements, and the benefits to be gained by technology implementation. In conjunction with this understanding, technology offerings can be made.

This way, we successfully wrap technology around the business, as opposed to implemented limited life technology, and warping the business to fit the current technology capabilities.

Services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Business coaching
  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis, Strategic guideance, and roadmap generatin
  • Solution architecture and proof of concept production
  • Technology provision (including a range of corporate and home technologies)
  • Web development and hosting
  • Training in (but not limited to) Prince2 project management, MSP programme management, time management, corporate effectiveness, work-life balance strategy introduction (based on extensive scientific research)

missing jigsaw pieceThese services are also performed in conjunction with other services from Smart Inspiration or one of our many joint venture partners, providing you an end to end seamless solution to fulfill your needs. We also believe that if we cannot help in full, we can partner with someone who can fill the gaps. With this end to end guarantee, Temasi is the company to use.

For more information on how we can help your through various services offered from Temasi and Smart Inspiration, please contact us.



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